Pro Q666C Portable Carbon fiber Tripod&Ball Head Compact for DSLR Camera

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Professional Tripod
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Carbon Fiber
Digital Camera
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Product Description

Brand New,high Quality!
Traveler tripod with ball head design is the best choices for outdoor photograph activities, which makes your trip more enjoyable.
1. New generation of high-density carbon fiber tube, using eight layer different angles carbon fiber staggered laminated , high temperature curing, high pressure strengthening polymeric structure.
2. It has the rigidity intensity, high-efficiency shock absorption, better heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. Dual hydraulic Level PTZ, three the knobs design PTZ.
4.Pull-out button angling adjustment, ensuring single adjust of each leg 
5. Typical regulating design of elevator, offering the different damping effect depends on the weight of your camera 
6. 5-section center column, realizing your lowest angle shooting 
7. Quick release leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling 
8. Universal ball head handle with secured clip, double securing your camera from accident dropping. set, and 360 scale settings, allowing the photographer to quickly adjust the shooting angle freely.
10. axis 2 liters shrink lengthened design, so that the highest height tripod and make it shorter contraction only 35CM.
11. can carry 180 reflexed
12. surface through a special oxidation treatment, have a good wear resistance.
13. can be split into a monopod use
14. It has a portable pocket, easy to carry!
Folded Length: 350mm
Max Height: 1540mm
Max Tube Diameter: 250mm
Weight: 1320g
Material: Carbon Fiber
Color: most black & little golden
Max. Load Capacity: 15kg
Head Type: 360° Swivel Fluid Head 
Carrying bag included
Ball head Height: Q-02 (aluminum alloy)
Parcel Including:
1 x Q-666C tripod with ball head + Procket
(carrying bag included)
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